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Earnings on advertising in three clicks!*
We are a company, but previously a team of idealists in the field of advertising services, dividing and segmenting this market into several significant branches, allowing us to earn a significant number of people by uniting under the auspices of the site WebFlex24
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A gift investment package in the amount of
5 000 RUB
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Bonus rewards are accrued for each invited friend
500 RUB
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Collaborating with our site, you will have large-scale opportunities for monetizing your blog
- Blog Sales Automation;
- Search for advertisers;
- Introduction and promotion of posts;
For advertisers
Work with the site
An intuitive account is presented for each advertiser with a large list of available tools to promote your product, service or brand..
- Directory of all available bloggers;
- Module for creating an advertising post;
- Complete collection of statistics;
- Estimated Predicted Impressions;
- Criteria sorting filters;
- Full automation of publications;
Guaranteed Result
Our site guarantees full fulfillment of obligations by the blogger who will publish your advertising material..
In cases of non-compliance with the conditions of publication, money is returned to the advertiser in full..
- Control over all advertising material;
- Large selection of advertising sites;
- Dumping by bloggers;
Investment program
Investment packages
Our platform provides an opportunity for each partner to purchase investment packages with a deduction of daily dividends of 6.3%, which allows our company to generate total capital, for the purchase of monthly placements from various bloggers..
Intuitively accessible cabinet will allow you already through 5 minutes after registration to acquire basic knowledge about the investment process..
in a day
Affiliate program
Working with us you will be provided with a powerful and most importantly functional affiliate program with high affiliate contributions.
Two-level system
Two-level system with affiliate deductions in depth 12% - 7%
Profit sharing
Affiliate deductions are not made once, but are received daily from all the acquired investment packages by your referrals..
Full reporting
We provide full reporting for each of your referrals and partner contributions..
Withdraw funds
Quick processing of applications for withdrawal of funds received under the affiliate program
High conversion
Favorable investment conditions in combination with an intuitive account contribute to a higher activity of referrals
Advertising mechanisms
Advertising mechanisms are designed in such a way that the conversion of the formation of the second level of referrals is increased
Additional content
«WebFlex24» It is a universal tool linking numerous segments of markets into one whole organism, which allows getting the most mutually beneficial return from joint interaction..
For advertisers
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Affiliate program
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